Lou's Message to District 10 Voters


Hi my name is Lou...


LaWanna “Lou” Shurtliff has strived to better our community through decades of active civic, charitable, political, and church involvement. In her 28 years teaching at Ogden High School, her dedication to Utah’s children reached far beyond her duties in the classroom and earned her the respect of her peers, parents, and students.

She took that same dedication to the Legislature where she worked tirelessly to serve the people of her community and of the state of Utah.

“I previously served ten years in the Utah State House of Representatives and felt that probably my career was finished. But after seeing a few of the “interesting bills” that the Legislature passed this year, I am again running for District 10. It seems like someone needs to speak up”

“I promise to continue serving the people of Utah with a reasonable voice and to work toward an open and responsive government.”

Lou's Platform


Serving Weber County Families

  •   Air Quality improvement for the sake of all families and local business.
  • Ensuring the safety of all Weber citizens by properly funding and training local law enforcement.
  • Domestic Violence and its effect on the family including loss of life.


Being Responsible With Your Tax Dollars

  • Spending 45 million dollars on proper investments, not renaming UTA.
  • Tax reform that is equitable and fair for everyone.  I was proud to have voted AGAINST the Tax Reform legislation and voted FOR its' repeal.
  • Economic development that recognizes the importance of Weber County


Promoting High Quality Education

  • Fight for increased funding to our local public schools.
  • Work with higher ed groups like Weber State University and OWATC to higher education/technical training to enhance financial security for all. 
  • Offering kindergarten as an option to all families in Weber County.