Lou's Background



Lou is married to Bob Shurtliff.  Together they raised their two kids in Weber County.  Lou graduated Utah State University.  

Current Legislative Committee Assignments

  • Transportation Committee
  • Political Subdivisions Committee
  • Retirement & Independent Entities
  • Infrastructure & General Government

Boards & Community Involvement

  • State Mock Elections, Chairwoman
  • Ogden City School Foundation, Board Member 
  • League of Women Voters, Board Member
  • Court Revisions Committee
  • Juvenile Court, Volunteer
  • Junior League of Ogden, Board Member
  • Ogden Education Association, President
  • Utah Education Association, Director
  • National Education Association, Director
  • Second District Judicial Nominating Commission
  • Chair, Richard Richards Institute for Ethics, WSU
  • Legislative Compensation Commission, Member
  • Independent Legislative Ethics Commission, Member
  • Advisory Council/College of Social & Behavior Sciences, WSU
  • Weber County Forward, Board Member

Legislative Service

  • Co-Chair of the House Ethics Committee
  • Education Standing Committee
  • Work  Force Service, Community & Economic Development & Interim Committees
  • Income & Corporate Franchise Tax Task Force
  • Funding for Health and Human Services Task Force
  • Political Subdivisions Standing Committee
  • Higher Education Appropriations Committee
  • Standards and Accountability in Education Task Force
  • Judiciary Interim Committee
  • Tax and Revenue Interim Committee

Legislation Sponsored and Passed by Lou


  • A Resolution establishing the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Ogden along with Pioneer Days. 
  • An anti-stalking bill for the protection of all individuals that are stalked. 
  • A bill to help victims of domestic violence to get locks changed on rental property. 
  • A Resolution asking the federal government to assign a subcommittee to study the effects of the fallout of the nuclear tests held in Nevada.
  • A bill to eliminate the tax on “Blue Sky” power that is offered by Utah Power. 
  • A bill to decrease the property tax on motor homes so that buyers will more likely buy vehicles in Utah rather than going out of state. 
  • A bill recommending that incoming kindergarten students be assessed in the spring rather than the fall so parents will have an opportunity to get the child ready and also not to have a child disappointed in the fall.
  • Received some funding of the Head Start Program in Utah.
  • Worked on legislation to help school districts impacted by fee waivers.
  • Worked on legislation to help older state retirees who are not getting a full 2% for each year of service.


Luis Lopez, Ogden City Council At-Large

Marcia White, Ogden City Council At-Large

Angela Choberka, Ogden City Council District 1

Grant Protzman, Former House Minority Leader

Ed Allen, Former State Senator 

Lynette Grow, Retired Teacher